Rema tansobola era sifaayo wadde tulina ekivulu kulunaku lumu | Lydia Jazmine breaks silence on Rema’s controversial concert dates

In a recent media statement, Jazmine, also known as Lydia Nabawanuka, addressed the speculation surrounding her concert dates, asserting that there is no conflict and confirming that her concert plans remain unchanged.... Read more »

MUWALA WANGE MUMWESONYIWE AKYALI VIRGIN | Gloria’s mother Proudly Affirms Her Daughter’s Virtue Amidst Controversies

In a heartening revelation, Betty Nakibuuka, the mother of the talented artist Baby Gloria, expresses her joy over her daughter’s maintained chastity, despite the various sexual controversies that have encircled her name.... Read more »

Why Faridah Nakazibwe Quit NTV, | Her New Job Revealed

On September 30th, Faridah Nakazibwe marked the end of an era as she bid farewell to NTV Uganda, concluding an impressive 17-year stint at the Serena-based station. As one of the pioneers... Read more »

I will marry when I want – Rema’s Handbag, Evelyn Namulondo

Over the weekend, actress Evelyn Namulondo marked her 35th birthday with celebrations and a firm declaration about her romantic life. Despite past rumors linking her to B2C’s Mr Lee, Namulondo asserted that... Read more »

“Oyo mwavu nyo! Nze abadde alabilira maama we” – Dorah wa Bruno K ayasiza ebyaama

In the latest turn of events, Dorah, the mother of singer Bruno K’s child, has once again seized the spotlight with explosive revelations about their tumultuous relationship and the singer’s personal life.... Read more »

Mentally challenged couple causes buzz online as they were spotted displaying public affection

A video capturing a mentally challenged couple displaying public affection has taken the internet by storm. The video, which went viral in a matter of hours, has left many netizens moved by... Read more »

Betty Nakibuka Clarifies Unfounded Rumors Regarding Baby Gloria’s Alleged Abortion Trip to the US

Title: “Betty Nakibuka Sets the Record Straight: Addressing Unfounded Claims Surrounding Baby Gloria” Gospel singer Betty Nakibuka, the mother of Baby Gloria, has recently spoken out against the hurtful allegations circulating about... Read more »

Bambi MC Kats ayogedde engeli jeyafunamu HIV AID

In a candid revelation a few years ago, local events MC Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats, publicly disclosed his HIV-positive status. Since then, he has been transparent about his journey,... Read more »

PLEASE ADVISE ME “No Man Wants to Date Me”- Lady with Big Nose Cries Bitterly

On TikTok, Ammie Sweeshy, a young woman, recently opened up about her quest for love and the challenges she perceives due to her prominent nose. The emotional video captured a vulnerable Ammie... Read more »

Evelyn Namulondo Shares Birthday Joy with Children Struggling with Autism

Renowned actress Evelyn Namulondo marked her birthday today in a truly unique and touching way—by spending quality time with underprivileged children in Komamboga. Evelyn’s decision to celebrate her special day with children... Read more »