I Miss Filters On Television – Precious Remmie

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie, also known as Rema Nakiito, has openly expressed her longing for the presence of filters on television.

Remmie, well aware of what appeals to women, emphasized the widespread fondness for filters, especially on mobile phones.

In her statement, the actress acknowledged the desire of every woman to present themselves in the best light possible, which is why filters were created in the first place. Remmie highlighted the continuous evolution of technology and expressed her wish for television to incorporate filters into its visual presentation.

The TV show host confidently asserted that she is voicing the sentiments of many women who share her preference for filters.

She envisions a future where television will heed this request, making it possible for those who choose to use filters, particularly ladies, to enhance their on-screen appearances.

“Women, we love filters. I miss filters on TV. I would like to see Television introduce filters so that those who are willing to use them, especially ladies can. People see us differently on social media and television,” Remmie remarked.

It’s worth noting that men have often raised concerns about the use of filters by women, asserting that the filtered images can create a disparity between online and offline appearances. Remmie, however, argued that it’s not the fault of women if men are captivated by their filtered images. She acknowledged that men may be aware that the filtered look differs from reality, yet they continue to be enchanted by it.


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