FreeBoy Curses His Collaboration ‘Kwata Essimu’ With Winnie Nwagi, Takes Legal Action Against Telecom Giants

Singer FreeBoy, known for his chart-topping hit “Kwata Essimu” featuring Winnie Nwagi, has taken a bold step to denounce the very song that once ruled the airwaves two years ago.

Despite its immense popularity upon release, FreeBoy, based in West Nile, reveals that the song brought him no tangible benefits, such as a car, land, or financial support for his education.

In a surprising revelation, FreeBoy alleges that telecommunications giants MTN and Airtel exploited the song as caller tunes without his consent, with no royalties reaching him to date.

This has led him to pursue legal action against the telecom companies, a case currently pending in court. FreeBoy, the rightful owner of the song, asserts that he never authorized the use of his creation and possesses all the necessary documentation to prove his ownership.

“I have never benefited from that song. I can’t say it has bought me a car, land, or financed my education. I released it in lockdown and didn’t get a chance to perform it.

However, telecom companies that could have hired and paid me dubiously use the song as a caller tune. I used both MTN and Airtel because I have all the documents showing the song is mine,” FreeBoy laments.

Despite his regret over the song, FreeBoy sees a glimmer of hope for future opportunities that may arise from its legacy. Presently, he has joined the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) to champion the cause of copyright protection.

FreeBoy believes that a united front within the industry can bring about positive change. Alongside his advocacy, he runs a music label in West Nile, showcasing his commitment to the betterment of the music industry.


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