Kakalaamu and Kaye Wisdom joins the trend of Ugandan celebrities leaving the hustle of Kampala for opportunities abroad

In the wake of Isma Olaxess’ tragic demise, the fear that gripped his close friends, including Radio Simba presenter and YouTuber Gerald Seguya Lubega, widely known as Kakalaamu, and analyst Kaye Wisdom, has led to a trend of individuals leaving Uganda in search of more promising opportunities.

Taking advantage of flexible immigration rules facilitating travel, many journalists have opted to explore prospects beyond the borders of Uganda.

Kakalaamu, in particular, has been steadily expanding his international footprint, starting with a trip to Dubai alongside the late Isma Olaxess, followed by visits to South Africa and most recently, the United Kingdom.

Kaye Wisdom, facing uncertainty and finding it challenging to fill the void left by Isma, decided to depart Uganda, recognizing the limitations of his prospects in the country.

Despite his spirited analyses, Kaye Wisdom lacked a stable job, prompting his decision to seek greener pastures abroad.

After completing the necessary paperwork, Kakalaamu recently made an official visit to the parents of his baby mama in a Kukyala ceremony.

Both Kakalaamu and Kaye Wisdom have now found a new home in Canada, with rumors suggesting that Kaye Wisdom may explore connections in the United States in the future. Their relocation follows their attendance at the opening ceremony of the new party headquarters for the National Unity Platform (NUP).

This trend of Ugandan celebrities leaving the hustle and bustle of Kampala for opportunities abroad is growing.

Dikteta Mark left CBS for the United States, Patriko Mujuka found a new path in the US, Ronald Mayinja set his sights on the UK, Isaac Kawalya, also known as Kaiyz, now resides in the US, and Ibrak K Mukasa sought refuge in Canada, among others.

As more celebrities, journalists, and YouTubers follow suit, it seems that the exodus from Uganda in pursuit of a brighter future is likely to continue.


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