Lwasa Points Finger at BBS’s Nabatanzi for His Arrest

Prominent businessman and events organizer Lwasa recently found himself in a legal dispute with BBS Television, which led to his arrest and subsequent remand due to an unpaid debt of Shs 18 million. In his first public statement about the ordeal, Lwasa shed light on the circumstances that led to this situation.

Lwasa revealed that the root of the problem was an advertisement contract he entered into with the Buganda Kingdom-owned media house.

The one-year contract was meant to promote his “Lwasa Events” company on the Kiri Kitya show, hosted by Diana Nabatanzi.

He initially paid Shs 9 million out of the agreed Shs 25 million. For the first three months, everything went smoothly as his adverts were aired.

However, he claimed that Nabatanzi abruptly stopped running his advertisements, leaving him in a predicament.

Lwasa expressed his frustration, stating, “How can they expect me to pay the rest of the money if they stopped running my ads?”

Furthermore, Lwasa debunked claims that he was unable to raise the Shs 18 million after his arrest. He dismissed allegations made by journalist Jenkins Mukasa that he had to sell his phone in an attempt to gather the money, labeling such assertions as “foolish.”


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