Zari Hassan Reveals Netflix Deal for Her Wedding with Shakib Cham Lutaaya

Social media influencer and entrepreneur, Zari Hassan, popularly known as Zari the Boss Lady, has made a surprising revelation about her recent wedding with Shakib Cham Lutaaya. She has disclosed that they sold all the rights to their wedding to the streaming giant, Netflix, and fans can soon expect to see the event on their screens.

The much-anticipated marriage of Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan took place earlier this month in South Africa and was a star-studded affair. However, fans were left in suspense, unable to catch a glimpse of the highly-awaited event.

Speculations arose, with some believing the wedding might have been a hoax, while others thought it could be part of an elaborate shoot for Netflix’s hit series, “Young Rich and African.”

Putting an end to these swirling speculations, Zari Hassan, in her characteristic style, has confirmed that the wedding was indeed a dream come true for her and Shakib, and they were eager to share this special day with their dedicated fans and well-wishers.

In an unprecedented move, the couple decided to document their wedding and sell the rights to Netflix, known for its high-quality content and global reach. While the exact release date remains undisclosed, Zari has hinted that the exclusive wedding coverage will grace our screens sometime next year.

She assures fans that every aspect of their wedding, from the meticulous preparations leading up to the emotional exchange of vows, will be featured. This decision reflects their unwavering commitment to making their cherished moments accessible to their loyal admirers.

The news that Zari and Shakib’s wedding will soon be aired on Netflix has ignited immense excitement among their fanbase. Their admirers eagerly anticipate the chance to witness the unfolding of this remarkable love story, characterized by passion and devotion. It promises to be an unmissable portrayal of their journey towards a future filled with love and laughter.

In a world filled with uncertainties, the union of Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring power of love. As the world awaits the big day on Netflix, one thing is certain: this love story is about to capture hearts and leave an indelible mark on all who are fortunate enough to witness it.


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