ANI AYAGALAGALA OKUTA KIMENKE? Alien Skin Survives Gunshot Attack – Fans Left Wondering

A startling video is currently circulating on social media, showing the popular singer Alien Skin narrowly escaping a gunshot. The incident unfolded last night while he was preparing to perform on stage, just like countless other musicians often do.

Fans are left in disbelief, questioning who might harbor ill intentions towards him, as it appears he is not engaged in any wrongdoing.

Alien Skin entered the music industry several years ago but skyrocketed to fame earlier this year, not without its fair share of controversies, including a well-publicized altercation with Pallaso.

Despite initial expectations for him to maintain composure within the industry, Alien Skin seemed to become increasingly intolerant of those who crossed him.

He recently made headlines by announcing his intention to exit the music scene and delve into politics. Furthermore, he took the bold step of launching his very own political party, named the Fangon Unity Platform.

While he may not have immersed himself deeply in the realm of politics, Alien Skin has begun to receive threats to his life, prompting the need for professional security measures.


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