“The Challenge: Why Coporiyamu Kasolo Bid to Overturn Life Sentence in Nagirinya Murder Case

In a significant development, Coporiyamu Kasolo, a contentious supporter of Arsenal Football Club, has initiated legal proceedings by filing a Notice of Appeal at the Court of Appeal.

Her action aims to challenge the life imprisonment sentence handed down by High Court Judge Isaac Muwata in the Criminal Division.

Kasolo faced the life sentence in connection with the double murder of Social Worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa.

The sentencing also extended to Kasolo’s associate, Johnson Lubega, who is known as Etoo Manomano. Others convicted in the case included Hassan Kisekka (alias Masadda), Nasif Kalyango (alias Muwonge), and Sharif Mpanga (alias Shafiq), each receiving 30 years in prison. The judge was convinced by the prosecution’s evidence, which demonstrated their involvement in the crime.

Notably, Sadat Kateregga was acquitted, with the presiding judge acknowledging the absence of evidence implicating him, even though he may have had some involvement in the crime.

In his Memorandum of Appeal, Kasolo, known for her fervent support of Arsenal, contested Judge Muwata’s conviction and sentencing, citing legal errors. She seeks a complete overturn of the decision by the higher court.

Kasolo asserts that the trial judge erred in law and fact by concluding that the charge and caution statement she made were recorded after enduring torture, cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

Furthermore, she claims that Justice Muwata denied her a fair hearing by rejecting her request for copies of essential legal texts, including the Constitution, Judicature Act, Trial on Indictments Act, Penal Code Act, and other law books.

Kasolo also maintains that her rights were violated when the trial judge denied her access to fifty million shillings to facilitate her defense, which she intended to use for media advertisements to call potential witnesses.

Additionally, she argues that the trial judge did not provide sufficient time for her to prepare her submission in mitigation of sentence.

Kasolo further alleges that it was unjust for the trial judge to rely on the evidence obtained from the plea convictions of her co-accused.

As of now, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has not responded with a defense to counter Kasolo’s arguments for overturning Judge Muwata’s judgment.


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