“No Free Concert Attendance for Me” Irene Namubiru Emphasizes the Value of Paid Concerts

Irene Namubiru, a prominent artist in the music industry, has often been associated with not supporting her fellow artists in the past.

However, recent events have shed new light on her perspective, as she clarifies her stance. Alongside fellow singer Juliana, her name was once linked to the list of artists who do not actively support their peers.

Yet, during Azawi’s concert, Irene Namubiru was spotted in the audience, taking the opportunity to clear the air on her selective concert attendance.

Namubiru’s explanation for her infrequent concert appearances is both straightforward and insightful. She emphasized that her choices are a result of her highly selective approach to attending concerts.

When asked about her reasons for being so particular about the events she attends, Namubiru explained, “I do not just attend any show. I only watch those artists I am genuinely interested in, such as Azawi. I want to be in the audience and savor every moment of a performance.”

Namubiru went on to stress that she willingly pays for the events she attends. Her financial investment in these shows underlines her commitment to experiencing the best that the music world has to offer.

She firmly believes in receiving value for her money, making sure that the performances she attends are not just about entertainment but an opportunity to discover new aspects of art and appreciate the boundless talent within the industry.

In essence, Irene Namubiru’s selective concert attendance is not rooted in a lack of support for her fellow artists but rather in her quest for quality entertainment. She seeks to immerse herself in performances that genuinely resonate with her musical sensibilities and are worth every penny she invests.

Namubiru’s presence at Azawi’s concert is a testament to her enduring appreciation for great music, and her choice to pay for her tickets reflects her respect for the artist’s craft. This reveals a more nuanced and supportive side of the artist, highlighting her dedication to the industry she holds dear.


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