Zari Hassan Appointed as Official Influencer for the Busoga Royal Wedding  Leading the Way as the Face of Busoga

Renowned socialite Zari Hassan has long been an ardent advocate for her Musoga heritage, consistently taking a leading role in addressing pertinent issues within her community.

Her recent appointment as the face of the forthcoming Busoga Royal wedding, scheduled for November 18th this year, exemplifies her unwavering commitment to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Busoga.

Zari has wasted no time in assuming her role, commencing with a media tour that aims to create awareness and generate excitement for the highly-anticipated Busoga Royal wedding. Her passion and dedication shine through as she embarks on this important journey.

In a true show of solidarity and leadership, Zari has also rallied her fellow Basoga and friends of Busoga to join in the festivities. A remarkable example of this unity is the Busoga Royal Banquet, which is set to take place today, a Friday, at the prestigious Kololo Ceremonial grounds.

Zari’s call to action has successfully brought together a diverse group of individuals who share a common love and respect for Busoga’s rich cultural traditions.

It’s worth noting that Zari was among the first to publicly express her admiration and support for the Busoga Queen, Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi, when her ascension to the throne was initially announced.

Her genuine enthusiasm for the cultural heritage and leadership of Busoga has now culminated in her appointment as the face of the Busoga Royal wedding, a role she is embracing with pride and dedication.

Zari Hassan’s involvement in these cultural celebrations serves as an inspiring testament to the power of one’s heritage and the positive impact it can have on an entire community.


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