“Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth When Discussing Bobi Wine” Big Eye Starboss Issues Stern Warning to Alien Skin

Ibrahim Mayanja, popularly known as Big Eye Starboss, has sent a strong message to fellow singer Alien Skin, cautioning him against using his name in discussions that criticize Bobi Wine.

The music industry is no stranger to conflicts, and this latest feud highlights the tensions between artists regarding political allegiances.

The dispute began when Bobi Wine, the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), encouraged Ugandans to give Big Eye Starboss a chance despite his past shortcomings. Bobi Wine attributed these faults to the aging process, suggesting that everyone makes mistakes.

Alien Skin swiftly responded to Bobi Wine’s statement, asserting that Bobi Wine is not divine and therefore cannot grant anyone a chance. Alien Skin recommended that Bobi Wine offer opportunities to other artists, such as Ronald Mayinja or Big Eye Starboss.

In turn, Mayinja declined the offer, suggesting that Bobi Wine should consider his NUP colleagues instead. This left Big Eye Starboss feeling somewhat exposed, as he was seemingly passed over for this “opportunity.” Consequently, Big Eye Starboss has taken a stand and issued a warning to Alien Skin.

It’s worth noting that Big Eye Starboss had experienced a turbulent past, particularly before and after the 2021 general elections when he faced bottle-throwing incidents during his performances. These events deeply affected him and even led to his switch from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to the NUP.

Recently, Big Eye Starboss has been making efforts to mend his reputation within the People Power camp and secure their support. As a part of this journey, he has not hesitated to confront some of his former friends who hold anti-Bobi Wine sentiments, including Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool.

The clash between Big Eye Starboss and Alien Skin is just one example of the complex dynamics within the Ugandan music industry, where political affiliations often play a significant role.

As these artists continue to voice their opinions and disagreements, it remains to be seen how these tensions will impact their careers and relationships within the music community.


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