Heartwarming Act of Kindness: Sociology Lecturer Babysits Student’s Child During Exam

A heartwarming story has touched many on social media, featuring a Sociology lecturer who stepped up to babysit one of his students’ children while she took her exams.

In a recent tweet, the lecturer, Okimait l’Olaki, highlighted the significance of putting into practice the principles taught in educational institutions, specifically emphasizing childhood studies and development.

“One of my students, who is also a mother, had to sit for her test but had no one to look after her child. So, I offered to babysit. We can’t just teach childhood studies and development without demonstrating it through action and support,” he shared.

This tweet resonated with people, garnering an outpouring of positive and heartfelt reactions. Acts of kindness and consideration like these are not something witnessed every day, making it even more special.

The timing of the exams coincided with the student mother’s lack of childcare options, given her child’s daycare schedule. This situation underscores the need for support systems for students facing unexpected adversities, as this gesture exemplifies.

Okimait, an educator with a PhD from Stellenbosch University and a Master’s Degree in Childhood Studies from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, brings a wealth of experience to his role. He has previously served as an assistant lecturer at Kampala International University (KIU) and continues to inspire with his thoughtful actions.



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