Chameleone helped me avoid expensive mistakes: Pallaso Reflects on the Valuable Lessons Learned from Chameleon

Pallaso, the talented artist behind the hit song “Malamu,” recently opened up about the significant advantages of growing up around his older brother, Chameleone. During a conversation with Crystal Newman, he shed light on the pivotal role that Chameleone played in shaping his music career.

Pallaso shared, “The biggest advantage of growing up around him is that it’s very expensive to learn from your own mistakes. Some of the mistakes that would have cost me a fortune, I’ve learned from him.”

He went on to explain that the lessons he didn’t acquire directly from his brother, he gleaned from Chameleone’s friends and associates. This collaborative learning environment proved to be instrumental in his musical journey.

By 2002, Chameleone had already established a recording studio, and Pallaso utilized this space to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of song recording. Additionally, Chameleone provided him with opportunities to perform on stage, allowing him to hone his live performance skills.

Born as Pius Mayanja, Pallaso’s educational journey included institutions such as St. Augustine’s College, Happy Hours Nursery School, Happy Hours Primary School, Mengo S.S., Kasawo S.S., and St. Augustine’s College Wakiso. He eventually relocated to the United States while in S.5 and acquired a diploma in Direct Studies from Pennsylvania High School.

Pallaso’s love for music ignited at a young age, and he began performing on stage when he was just 11 years old. His very first stage performance took place at a club in Kawempe, where he mimed a song by Tanto Metro and Devonte. The positive response from the audience fueled his passion for performing, and he soon started writing his own songs.

By 2002, Chameleone had already established his own recording studio, which proved to be a valuable resource for Pallaso to learn the art of recording songs. In fact, his debut single, “Mudigidde,” released in 2003, was produced by his brother, Chameleone.

Pallaso’s enthusiasm for music persisted even when he relocated to the United States. During his time there, he recorded his first album, titled “Change,” which saw its release in 2013.

However, Pallaso’s breakthrough arrived in 2014 when he collaborated with Radio and Weasel, who were in the U.S. for the BET Awards.

Their collaboration resulted in the hit song “Amaaso,” which garnered immense popularity. This success encouraged Pallaso to return to Uganda later that year, focusing wholeheartedly on his music career.


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