Bukedde TV munensonyiwe mulekelaawo okunkubila obusimu nga munsaba interview” Dr. Kulthum wans Bukedde Television

In a recent turn of events, Dr. Kulthum Nabunya, the widow of the late Sheikh Muzaata, and the wife of the controversial celebrity-wannabe, Akram Gumisiriza, has made a strong statement to a local media outlet, Bukedde Television.

She firmly requested that they cease calling her for interviews. This decision comes in the wake of allegations against her husband involving a dispute with a sex worker over payment.

Kulthum and Akram’s relationship has been a matter of public interest ever since they conducted their ‘Kukyala’ ceremony, which took place one year after the passing of Sheikh Muzaata. Initially intended to be a private affair, the event gained notoriety due to the drama associated with Akram’s past dating life, causing it to become widely known.

The couple had seemingly embraced the limelight that came with their relationship. However, it appears that the public scrutiny is now beginning to strain their marriage. Last week, during Kulthum’s absence from the country, her husband Akram found himself embroiled in a scandal involving a sex worker.

Law enforcement authorities confirmed the veracity of the affair, disclosing that the agreed payment was not delivered to the woman involved, prompting her to report the incident to the police. While the media has been actively covering the story, Kulthum has chosen not to share her perspective on the matter or her thoughts regarding her marriage.

Taking to social media, she posted a clear message, requesting that Bukedde Television and the associated newspaper refrain from contacting her for interviews. Instead, she redirected them to the police for any further inquiries related to the incident.

In her message, she stated, “Bukedde TV & Bukedde Olupapula, stop calling me for interviews. I’m resting, enyonyi yankoyezza nnyo. You are calling the wrong person. Maybe go and interview police officers but not me, ba dear.”

This development underscores the strain that the recent controversy has placed on Dr. Kulthum Nabunya and Akram Gumisiriza’s relationship and their desire for privacy amidst the public spotlight.


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