BAMBI Dr Cephco involved in a Fatal Accident Follows a Night of Capturing Content in a Cemetery

TikTok personality, Dr. Cephco, has found himself in a critical condition following a harrowing accident that nearly claimed his life. This unfortunate incident transpired on the night of October 14th, 2023, on the Northern Bypass in Kampala.

Dr. Cephco had ventured out to capture captivating content for his devoted TikTok followers, choosing an unconventional location – a cemetery. Little did he know that this journey would take a terrifying turn upon his return.

The aftermath of the accident left Dr. Cephco severely injured, with a battered face, broken legs, and various other injuries. Swiftly, he was rushed to Mulago Referral Hospital’s casualty ward, where he is currently receiving medical treatment.

The vehicle involved in the accident, registered under the license plate UBB 381T, was left in a state beyond recognition. It is indeed a miracle that Dr. Cephco and his companions managed to survive such a perilous encounter.

Dr. Cephco has emerged as one of Uganda’s most cherished TikTok celebrities, known for his ingenuity, diverse content, intriguing relationships, and previous leaked tape scandals. He holds a special place in the hearts of TikTok users across the nation.

As we eagerly await updates on his health, our thoughts are with Dr. Cephco, and we fervently wish him a speedy and complete recovery.



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