“I Wish to Rest Eternally in My Bedroom” Socialite Judith Heard Reveals Unconventional Final Wish


In the wake of her close friend, the late Pherrie Kim’s passing, socialite Judith Heard has made headlines by unveiling her distinctive final will and testament. Drawing inspiration from Kim’s unique approach, Heard has decided to share her extraordinary last wishes with the public.

Heard’s will carries a rather unconventional request – she desires to spend her eternity in the comfort of her own bedroom. This profound decision reflects her unwavering wish to remain intimately connected to her beloved home, even in the afterlife.

In a candid statement, Heard revealed, “I wish to rest eternally in my bedroom.” She believes that this unusual choice will not only set her apart but also pay homage to the personal space where she spent much of her life.

The bold declaration has captured the curiosity and imagination of many, leaving them pondering the profound significance of one’s connection to their home.

Judith Heard’s unconventional final wish serves as a reminder that our connection to our homes is deeply personal and enduring, even transcending the boundaries of life and death.

Her decision to be buried in her bedroom highlights the unique ways people express their love for their homes, in life and beyond.


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