Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone Demand 2 Billion Shillings Each for Music Battle

Events promoter Mariam Mutakubwa from Biggie Events has shared some big news. She’s the one making the Bebe Cool versus Jose Chameleone music battle happen, and the two famous singers have told her how much they want to be paid. They both asked for sh2 billion each, and she thinks that’s a fair price.

Mariam said, “I’m the only one who can organize the Bebe Cool and Chameleone battle. The money they want matches their talent. I’ll agree to their request, Insha Allah.

I won’t give them just sh300 million each; I’ll give them sh2 billion each, just like they asked. I’ll work with sponsors and contribute as well.”

Some people say Mariam is getting help from the government, but she clarified, “I’m not getting help from the government. Sometimes I have to borrow money.

We also have problems that we don’t talk about. But I’d appreciate it if the government could help me with the battle.”



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