“MC Kats Needs to Stop Telling People We’re Getting Married, We’re Not even Dating”- Fille Clears Air

Singer Fille Mutoni has firmly put an end to speculation about rekindling her romantic relationship with her baby daddy, Edwin Katamba, widely known as MC Kats. The duo, who parted ways in 2019, have been successfully co-parenting their adorable daughter, Abigail but Kats claims they’re planning a wedding soon.

MC Kats has been saying everywhere that they will have a potential grand wedding to celebrate their love once again.

Well, not according to Fille! In a candid interview on Sanyuka TV, the songstress was asked about her relationship status with MC Kats, and her response was crystal clear: they’re not an item, but rather, they’re bonded by a strong friendship and their shared commitment to co-parenting.

Fille went on to express her affection for MC Kats, emphasizing that their connection is firmly rooted in friendship and raising their daughter. She playfully quipped, “He can’t get a problem, and I’m here to stay.”

The journey of Fille and MC Kats has been one of highs and lows, capturing the hearts of many fans in Uganda and beyond. Their love story took a turn in 2019 when they decided to go their separate ways in their romantic relationship. Despite the split, they remained dedicated to providing a loving and supportive environment for their daughter.

What came as a surprise was the revival of their professional relationship, with MC Kats taking on the role of Fille’s music manager under Kats Music. This move raised eyebrows and fueled rumors of a possible rekindling of their romance. After all, who could resist the allure of love in the music industry?

Yet, Fille’s recent statements have put all speculations to rest, confirming that their relationship remains firmly in the friend and co-parenting zone.


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