From Sheilah Gashumba To Sheilah Nakigudde! Mirundi Advises Gashumba On How To Discipline Stubborn Daughter …

Senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has advised his longtime friend who also doubles as the MK Movement National vice chairperson in charge of Buganda Frank Gashumba on how to discipline his stubborn daughter.

Mirundi revealed that he feels sorry when he sees Gashumba struggling with his daughter Sheilah Gashumba who exhibits behaviours that undermine his name.

Mirundi explained that Gashumba wanted his daughter to follow in his footsteps as a good man who has helped many.

He gave an example that when he (Mirundi) was sick, Gashumba always did shopping for him and even helped one of his children to get a good paying job abroad.

But his girl turned has turned into a nuisance and has to be put in line as he did to his son Joseph Tamale Mirundi who declared himself the chairperson of the young boys who get marriage to sugar mummies.

It should be remembered that as a way of disciplining his boisterous son, Mirundi summoned a family meeting and a decision was taken to withdraw the family name of Mirundi from him.

He instructed his elder son who is a lawyer working with parliament to secure a court order removing Mirundi name from all of Junior documents including academic papers and the national identity card.

He was renamed Tamale Sekima Junior. Mirundi explained that Tamale Junior also first threatened to sue the family for interfering with his privacy but he told him that the whole family is ready to gang up against him in court.

However, last week, Junior asked for forgiveness from his father saying he was misled to do so by media personality Isaac Katende alias Kasuku who gave his father false information about his private movement. Mirundi later forgave Junior.

It is at this point that Mirundi advised Gashumba to also withdraw the family name from Sheilah and name her Nakigudde because without the family name, she wouldn’t have got the popularity she has.

He further pleaded with him not to fight her because she is old enough and in Buganda fathers don’t beat their daughter above 18 years because she can strip herself necked during the fight and accuse him of trying to rape her or ask for sex.

It should be recalled that Gashumba was not happy with her daughter falling in love with musician Rickman Manrick, whom he branded as having a hair style that resembles that of rebel leader Joseph Kony.


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