Attention-Seeking Lydia Jazmine Shows Off Her Negative HIV Results, Asks Her Fans To Test Regularly!!

Singer Lydia Jazmine has taken a bold decision and publicly disclosed her HIV status to her fans and followers.

Lydia Jazmine announced her HIV-negative status on Snapchat by sharing the findings of an HIV testing strip.

Jazmine not only revealed her status to the public but also implored those who look up to her to make it a habit to visit the hospital and test for HIV.

She also urged her fans and followers to live a healthy life, secure their future and protect themselves from the deadly HIV.

Lydia Jazmine is not the first public figure to make such a move, as Judith Heard, MC Kats, Caroline Marcah, and many others publicly disclosed their HIV statuses in the past years.

PS: For only those I inspire.. for those who look up tome.. for those who love LIFE. When did you last test.. when did you last visit a hospital for a test.. think about it! Health is your futureā€¦ protect yourself, darling.. only then, life can have meaning A #keepsafe Make it a habit to test

Prior to the disclosure, Lydia Jazmine was linked to several Kampala men including fellow singer Eddy Kenzo, and her former manager Ronnie Mulindwa among many others.


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