Struggling Local Artist Big Eye Cries Like A Baby After His Car Number Plate Was Stolen At David Lutalo’s Lugog Concert!

Singer Big Eye Starboss is currently inconsolable in light of his car license plate number being stolen at David Lutalo’s concert.

David Lutalo last night successfully held his Nalongo Concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in the heart of Kampala.

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However, despite the show going down amicably, there were a few immoralities that were registered at the event.

Big Eye, one of the attendees, parked his car near the venue entrance, only to return when the front license plate had been plucked off.

The “Nfamu” singer took to his socials earlier today to vent his frustration and plead with whoever made off with his number plate to return it as he tagged the Uganda Police to intervene in the matter.

The habit of removing licence plates from cars is not new to Ugandans, as various unknown individuals frequently take them before ringing and requesting payment before returning them.


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