Struggling Local Comedian Bisambi Bitereka Accuses Stecia Mayanja Of Firing Her From The “House Girl” Series Without Any Explanation.

Local dramatist Bisambi Bitereka, born Annet Ntaate Nanzige, has cleared the air about her alleged fallout with singer Stecia Mayanja whom the public alleged to have fired her from the “House Girl” series.

Speaking to reporters, Bisambi Bitereka explained that she is on good talking terms with Stecia Mayanja despite the allegations that made rounds that the two were not seeing eye-to-eye.

Stecia Mayanja (House Girl Akyazizza Boyfriend) episode 12 - YouTube

The comedian notes that she has no negative remarks about Stecia Mayanja having established the main reason why she was fired from taking part in the ”House Girl” drama series.

She narrated that her getting fired from the series was a move that was initiated by Stecia Mayanja’s manager and director after she failed to put pen to paper on a contract that they wanted her to agree on.

She reasons that even though getting her fired from the group involved many tricks that were executed by one of the individuals she thought was her friend, she still forgave her and moved on.


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