“The Small Paso Car Bruno K Drives Was Given To Him By His Sugar Mummy Faridah Nakazibwe!” Heartbroken Cougar Dorah Exposes Broke Kafumisi!

Dorah, singer Bruno K’s ex-girlfriend, has continued to discredit him by revealing that Faridah Nakazibwe gave him the car he drives.

In the course of this week, Bruno K’s ex-lover Dorah, a Mukono-based businesswoman and beautician came public and exposed him for impregnating her and dumping her.

Throughout the week Dorah has been engaging in numerous media interviews, opening up about her ordeal with the singer.

She reveals that Bruno K is her childhood friend, and the two grew up in Mukono. However, they each went separate ways, before linking up again last year and embarking on a romantic relationship, which spawned a pregnancy.

Bruno K drags Dorah to court over defamation | Pulse Uganda

Dorah notes that during the course of her romantic relationship with Bruno, she used to foot most of his necessities, including rent, dressing, and funding his music career, among many others.

Bruno K

The beautician goes on to narrate that the car, Paso, Bruno K is currently cruising is owned by his close friend Faridah Nakazibwe.

She also clarified that the car wasn’t brand-new from the car bond and that Bruno K didn’t purchase it for Ugx 19M as he had been claiming.


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