Hon. Mukasa Mbidde’s Wife Praises Him After Graduating With A Doctorate Degree In Speaking “Complicated English”.

Lawyer, human rights activist, mass communication specialist, motivational speaker and politician Mukasa Mbidde has graduated with a Doctorate Degree.

Mukasa Mbidde earned his Doctorate Degree from the Zoe Life Theological College in the United States of America (USA).

The update about Hon. Mbidde’s graduation was given by his wife Akantonnah Phionah, who took to her socials to congratulate the husband.

In her post, Phionah attributed the husband’s success to his perseverance and hard work, which have finally reaped off.

“Dear husband, Congratulations on your tremendous success. Your perseverance and hard work have finally paid off, you now hold a doctorate degree in your hands. I adore you so much. I don’t need to read magazines to be motivated… you’re my inspiration. Happy graduation and congrats love.”

In the same vein, Hon. Mukasa Mbidde’s supporters and fans have enthusiastically taken to their socials to congratulate the politician for his accomplishment.

Having culminated his studies with a Doctorate Degree, Hon. Mukasa Mbidde joins the growing list of Ugandan politicians with a similar level of education.

COngratulations Hon. Mbidde.


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