“I Can’t Do A Collabo With Sheebah Because I Would Destroy Her And That Would Be The End Of Her Fake Music Career!!” Cindy Speaks Bitter Truth.

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu has explained why she wouldn’t do a music collaboration with long-time nemesis Sheebah Karungi.

Ahead of their long-awaited music battle on Friday (15 Sept), Cindy and Sheebah today held a pre-game debate which was aired on Sanyuka TV.

The pair’s second encounter since their press conference in August saw them engage in a question-and-answer session, during which they had to react to each other’s queries as well as those of the moderator and audience members.

Midway through the debate, the moderator Zambaali Brasio asked Sheebah and Cindy if they ever imagined themselves collaborating on a music project. with a person she has over the years deemed untalented.

“She might need the collaboration, but she must stand her word.” Sheebah added

Cindy, on the other hand, emphasised that it is difficult due to the amount of talent she possesses, which could lead to an unbalanced collaboration and negatively impact Sheebah’s career.


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