Local Band Singer Maureen Nantume Excited As Her Daughter Whitney Graduates From Victoria University.

Singer Maureen Nantume’s firstborn daughter Whitney has today graduated from Jinja Road-based Victoria University.

Whitney received her honor during the University’s seventh graduation, which took place earlier today at the Kololo Independence grounds in Kampala.

Over 500 students received their individual testamurs during the coronation event to mark the completion of their studies in a variety of professions.

Media figures like Faridah Nakazibwe and Anna Talia Oze also capped their degrees with Master’s in Business Administration and Diplomacy and International Studies respectively at the same university.

Maureen Nantume

Whitney graduated before her friends and mother Maureen Nantume, who was visibly ecstatic in light of her daughter’s milestone.

“Mukama Namugaamba, nti Nsaba Otuuse omwana Wange Wesaatuuka Lord Jesus, Thank You Whitney Webale Maama kusoma.” Maureen Nantume

Having graduated earlier today, Whitney is looking forward to applying the skills acquired in her upcoming endeavors.

It should be recalled that Maureen Nantume stated in one of the interviews that she never wanted her children to enter her line of work, which is the music industry.


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