“I Didn’t Attend Geosteady’s Concert Because He Didn’t Pay Me And I Don’t Work For Free!!” Mr. Henrie Confesses Bitter Truth.

Events Mc and Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie real name Henry Arinitwe has disclosed why he distanced himself from Geosteady’s concert.

In light of his successful concert at Hotel Africana, Geosteady came public and expressed his displeasure with Mr. Henrie for shunning his concert despite initially confirming that he would be part of it.

“Mr Henule why didn’t you turn up for my concert bro? Yet you promised to be around.” Geosteady

While addressing Geosteady’s grievances, Mr. Henrie revealed that he did his part as far as the success of the show was concerned, as most of the companies he is affiliated with sponsored the event.

He continues by saying that as a service provider, he was unable to deliver his services for free unless he was requested by the event promoter to do so, claiming it wouldn’t be the first time doing so.

Henrie further points out that initially, Geosteady had invited him to be part of the MCs at his concert, but on the event D day, only Dj Nimrod was rung which left him perplexed and he couldn’t grace the event where he wasn’t formally invited.

I do things professionally what if I attended the show and I was hauled off the stage?


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