Gravity Omutujju Replaces A Fan’s Stolen Phone At His Show With A New One!!

Trouble Tabu Entertainment rapper Gravity Omutujju bought one of his fans a brand-new phone having lost the old one during an altercation at his show.

Gravity Omutujju is renowned for his arrogant and violent character as on different occasions he thumped those he deemed uncompliant to him.

According to the most recent development, however, Gravity appears to have shed the former version to establish a better self.

Based on a video clip accessed by Imbaraga Radio, depicts a scuffle that broke out midway through one of Gravity Omutujju’s shows.

Gravity can be seen intervening and looks to be defending the reveler who was seemingly being thumped by security personnel, something that raised eyebrows among the rappers’ fans.

Gravity Omutujju

As if that weren’t enough, Gravity Omutujju dug into his pockets and handed the reveler Ugx 170K to buy a new phone after claiming that he had lost his old one during the scuffle.

Gravity’s supporters praised him for his wonderful deed and questioned why it had taken him so long to reveal the new version of himself.



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