Here Are The Rules of Engagement For The Cindy Vs. Sheebah Battle At Kololo This Friday!

This Sunday, 15th September 2023, Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu will be sorting out their musical differences in a battle scheduled to take place at Kololo Independence Grounds.

Tonight, both artists will engage in a live TV quiz as they build up to Friday’s event on NBS TV, and below are some of the rules of engagement for all artists to follow on Friday.

The show expected to kick off from 8 pm to midnight

20 minutes per set

The first performer to be decided by a coin toss

Barriers separating artists and fans

Judges to decide points at the battle

While appearing on NBS TV After 5, Kasuku said that fashion, stage presence, vocal range, live band ability, and timekeeping among several other factors will be considered in awarding the points.

Both artists have been warned against hurling insults at each other during the battle. He claims that it will result in a points deduction.

Other causes of point deduction

Apart from exchanging insults and name-calling, Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu will lose points for bad timekeeping. An artist is not expected to perform beyond the stipulated 20 minutes of a set.

They are also not allowed to perform each other’s songs but can jam to any other song outside their competitor’s catalog.

Supporting artists

Only those artists who have collaborations with the two artists are allowed to step on the stage to perform alongside the respective artists.

Results from the battle will be released after the battle

Unlike previous music battles, Kasuku notes that this time, results from the battle will be publicly revealed after the battle for the fans to know who, according to the set rules, came out as the victor.


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