Champion Ogudo’s Concert Hangs In Balance As Jealous And Useless Father Vows To Sabotage It!

If you thought the feud between Champion Ogudo’s father Godfrey Kibuuka and Alien Skin had ended, you ought to think twice as the self-branded Afrigo has reignited the verbal war.

Taking part in an interview with BBS Terefayina, Godfrey Kibuuka revealed that he wasn’t impressed by Alien Skin hauling Mc Kats off the stage midway through Geosteady’s concert in his son’s presence.

He adds that his son is too young to indulge in night activities, questioning what if he was hit by a flying object during the scuffle between Alien Skin and Mc Kats.

Godfrey Kibuuka went on to defend Mc Kats, claiming despite being criticized, he is fighting to make sure his son gets the quality education he deserves.

alien skin

He further expressed his displeasure with Alien Skin’s decision to stage a concert for Ogudo, with proceeds to build his mother a house, claiming his son is too young to work for his parents.

Ogudo’s father went ahead to appeal to join forces with him in order to fight Alien Skin’s gang, just as they had done with the Kony rebels.

He made it known that he is ready to fight Alien Skin until his last breath, before noting that he is determined to stop Ogudo’s forthcoming concert unless his son is first taken to school.


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