Alien Skin’s Bouncer Reveals Bitter Truth Of How Drunk MC Kats Provoked Him To Beat Him Up, So That He Can Get Public Sympathy!!

One of Alien Skin’s team members who was filmed dragging MC Kats off stage at Geo Steady’s concert last weekend has opened up.

The bouncer identified only as Ibra, forcefully removed Kats when he apparently refused to surrender his microphone and give way for Skin to come on.

Ibra says his scuffle with MC Kats started backstage

Speaking for the first time about the incident, Ibra said he had noticed that something was off with Kats even before the scuffle happened.

Backstage, he said, he saw Kats acting erratically and appeared to be intoxicated.

He was shouting and throwing his hands in the air. I figured he might be drunk,” said Ibra in an interview.

At the time, Skin and his team were backstage waiting to be called up. The showrunners had told them that Geo Steady needed to perform two more songs before they could come on.

Ibra says, however, that when he tried to get onto the stage to confirm the program, Kats was sitting on the steps and would not allow him to pass.

He blocked my way and was shouting something about this not being our concert and that we were not going to sing,” he recounted.

Later on, Kats made his way to the stage and started engaging with the MC, DJ Nimrod and the audience.

But when DJ Rian (Alien Skin’s DJ) had finished preparing his set, Kats would not hand over the mic, (that was to be used by the artist).

Ibra says he was left with no choice but to use force to get him off stage.

Kats has since filed two separate cases with the police, one of assault against Ibra and another of harassment against Skin which stems from an earlier social media interaction.

Kats also claims to have been injured in the scuffle.

But Ibra says he and his teams were the ones supposed to report Kats to the police for trying to disrupt their performance.


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