Angry Geosteady Unhappy With Alien Skin And MC Kats For Misbehaving At His Show, Warns Them Never To Do It Again!!

Singer Geosteady has vented his frustration with Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin and Mc Kats for the bad behaviours they showed at his concert.

On Friday (08 Aug) Geosteady held a triumphant concert at Hotel Africana in Kampala. The show, which featured several musicians, went down amicably until Alien Skin and MC Kats used it as a medium to show off their superiority.

Midway through the concert, Alien Skin’s men hauled MC Kats off the stage, who was seemingly against Alien Skin performing at the event.

According to reports that surrounded the development, Mc Kats was determined to stop Alien Skin from performing at the concert, owing to their personal differences.

The embarrassment saw Kats take the matters to Jinja Road Police Station, where he filed cyber harassment, defamation and assault counts against Alien Skin and his men led by Ibrah.

Geosteady on the other hand, wasn’t impressed by the kind of behaviour that was depicted by the pair on his monumental day.

Goesteady thanked the Alien Skin and Mc Kats for the presentation, before criticising them for the awful gesture that was depicted and implored them to sort out their indifferences citing it sucks to have flexed on his concert day.

“I thank both Alien Skin and Mc Kats for their great presentation on my concert but it’s high time to sort out your differences baganda bange. It sucks having happened on my CONCERT DAY!!!”


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