“Bebe Cool Joins Bobi Wine In Owning An Armored Car, Says They Are Now Equal!!” Jenkins Mukasa Claims.

According to radio journalist and singer Jenkins Mukasa, Gagamel Entertainment boss Bebe Cool is the latest owner of an armored vehicle.

During the 2021 general election campaigns, Bobi Wine stole headlines when he imported a brand-new armored car (Land Cruiser) into the country.

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With several controversies surrounding Bobi’s car, it was the talk of the town as netizens discussed how he acquired it amid the chaos of the campaigns.

Fast-forward, it seems it wasn’t only Bobi Wine who yearned to own an armored vehicle. His longtime nemesis, Bebe Cool must have had it high on the list of his dream cars.

Jenkins Mukasa revealed that Bebe Cool has eventually realized his dream by acquiring himself an armored vehicle, a Toyota VX, which was unveiled on his birthday last week.


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