Lydia Jazmine Narrates How She Was Grabbed By Male Fan And He Told Her How He Wants To Chew Her Live On Stage!!

Musician Lydia Jazmine could finally afford to laugh about a recent scary incident when a fan stormed the stage, bearhugged, and near injured her as security fought to pull him off.

The chunky-looking man dressed in black climbed on stage and grabbed the “Same Way” singer refusing to let go. He had to be peeled off her by a team of five members of the security team.

The incident happened about two weeks ago at Vegas Chillout in Mpererwe, Kawempe.

Jazmine relived the terrifying moment while speaking publicly for the first time about the attack.

The fans love us so much, but sometimes they go overboard,” she said, laughing heartily during a press interview.

The guy grabbed me to the point where I couldn’t breathe; I had muscle pain that lasted several days.

The unidentified fan, according to Jazmine, was seeing her perform for the first time on stage and was overwhelmed by emotion.

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I think he liked the song I was performing at the time,” she said.

During the entire scuffle which lasted about two minutes, Jazmine was pleading with the man, as he also made his demands.

When security came on stage, he had his head in my ear and he told, ‘tell them not to touch me. If they continue pulling me I will hug you harder and we shall both fall in the crowd,’” the singer narrated.

This terrified her as they were on a relatively high platform.

I begged him to try and be gentle at least as he was hurting but he insisted that security leave the stage and that once he’s done he would let go.

I told them (security) to leave him alone but they wouldn’t listen until they overpowered him,” he said.

Jazmine advised fans to exercise restraint in the future, adding that if approached decently she is able to hug or greet any fan at any time.


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