Confused DJ Nimrod Reveals That He Tried, But Failed To Control Drunk MC Kats Who Wanted Alien Skin To Beat Him!

DJ Nimrod, while emceeing at Geo Steady’s concert on Friday, sensed danger just before singer Alien Skin came on stage.

The Galaxy FM and TV host was in charge of the show and assisted by Sanyuka TV’s Sandra Lian.

Sandra and Skin do not see eye to eye lately, thanks to her incessant attacks on the Fangone Forest boss during her Uncut Show.

In fact, just last week, she was forcefully pulled off stage by fans, before Skin came on during the Purple Party Concert in Fort Portal.

Realizing a potential repeat of the same situation, DJ Nimirod escorted Liam off stage to the VIP section, as Skin was preparing to take the stage.

But as he returned to prepare the revelers for the next act, MC Kats, another one of Alien Skin’s nemeses, stepped onto the stage unannounced.

Who called you here?” Nimrod could be heard asking Kats, who at this time was reaching for his microphone.

The same mic was supposed to be used by Alien Skin, now standing by backstage.

Kats started rumbling about his ongoing beef with the Fangone boss, bragging about his successes and not needing (Alien’s) collabo with Fille.

All this was happening while DJ Rian (Alien Skin’s DJ) was preparing his set for his man.

When he was done, he started playing music for Skin to come on, but Kats was still talking.

Then suddenly, a member of Skin’s security team took to the stage and tried to take the mic from Kats, but he wouldn’t hand it over.

What followed was Kats being dragged off stage, as Skin also got on.

Videos of the incident spread widely on social media throughout the night.

It is understood that Kats has since filed an assault case against the security man identified only as Ibra.


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