Heartbroken Bruko K Blames All His Life’s Mistakes On His Exes Who Got Him Into Depression, Thanks A Pass For Helping Him.

Singer Bruno K has one person to blame for “all the mistakes” he’s made in his celebrity life, and that is his former girlfriend. Bruno says shortly after his girlfriend of 6 years left him around the start of his singing career, he spiraled into a severe depression that led him to make several wrong choices.

Along the way, he says, he ended up in relationships with people that “fell below my standard.”

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Bruno (real names) Bruno Kiggundu in an interview with Ruth Kalibbala this week, said he was deeply in love with his girlfriend, and that he had even proposed marriage to her.

He described the unnamed woman as very good-looking, but also a class above him as he was still broke, living in a rented room in Nakulabye.

The woman, he says, was so beautiful, that even other richer men used to hit on her in his presence.

One man once gifted him two new phones while shopping at a mall, while another man stopped his car and handed her Shs. 300,000 as he watched.

As the relationship dragged, Bruno says, the girlfriend grew impatient with him and his brokenness.

One time, out of the blue, she showed up at his house with a new car and he never even bothered to ask where she got it from.

Eventually, he says, she left him, causing him his life’s greatest heartbreak.

It had got to a point where she stopped listening to me because I was of no value to her,” he recalled.

When she left, the depression I went through was unimaginable. Even when you see my Video of Ebisanyi, I looked bad because I was depressed. I used to wake up in the night and cry. I even went to Church and got saved because of depression.

Bruno has taken a lot of heat from his fans in the past for neglecting his children and their mothers, one of whom passed away.

In the interview, Bruno inferred that his depression had led him into the arms of these women.

All the bad things that have happened to my life, happened because the person I loved left me,” he said

All those people I met, I met them during that situation when I was depressed. At some point, I met my ex and told her that ‘there are certain mistakes I made in my life I shouldn’t have if you hadn’t left me.’”

Emerging out of the abyss, the singer says, was partly thanks to the advice he got from his friend A Pass Bagonza.

He told me, it was not worth it. He told me ‘This girl is going to be seeing you on TV but you will forget about her in no time,’” Bruno recalled.

From that advice he says, he picked up the pieces, hit the gym to get the buffed body that he has today, and focused on his career.


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