Bitter And Angry Lydia Jazmine Wants Tough Sentence For Jailed Abusive TikToker Kakono!!

Lydia Jazmine said she’s willing to pay money to ensure that a Tiktoker who was arrested this week for insulting artists is not released on bond.

Police in Katwe arrested and jailed a TikToker known online as ‘Kakono’ for churning out vile videos in which he attacks different artists and other popular figures in Uganda.

Lydia Jazmine says she's willing to pay money to keep Kakono locked up

The suspect was accused of using vulgar commentary on multiple celebrities and their families on his TikTok channel.

In one the his videos, he attacked the looks of Gravity Omutujjus’s mother, Mrs. Jane Kajoina.

He’s also insulted other people including the Prime Minister of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, the parents of singer Jose Chameleone, businesswoman Sofia Namutebi better known as Mama Fina, and social media commentator and TV host Full Figure, who actually got him arrested.

Kakono is a PWD with a missing hand. Following his arrest, he attempted in vain to seek forgiveness from his victims.

It was all for show, I did not mean any of it,” he pleaded at Katwe Police Station.

Jazmine told the press today that she wanted the suspect to get the harshest consequences for his actions.

She also promised to visit Katwe Police Station and pay money to ensure that Kakono is not released on Police bond.

When is saw him I asked which police he was being detained so I could go pay and have him sent straight to Luzira,” she said.

“Indeed when I get time I am going to Katwe…I know some afandes there that I can talk to.”

Jazmine showed concern about many such young people who are misusing their platforms on social media.

Imagine a young man with a whole future ahead of him behaving like that on social media… where is the humanity?” she said.

“These likes and comments you are dying for on social media you mustn’t forget that there is life you have to lead outside of it.”


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