Social Media In-Laws Blast Struggling Geosteady For Using Prima Kardashi’s Name To Promote His Failed Show!

Netizens have raised a concern about Blackman singer Geosteady using his baby mama Prima Kadarshi to further his concealed agendas.

Following their failed relationship, Geosteady and Prima set out to co-parent in an effort to raise their two beautiful daughters Solange and Sorayah Williams Kigozi.

Prima Kadarshi Features in Baby Daddy Geosteady's Video Sembera | VIDEO

Goesteady moved on with his girlfriend Hidu Kay, while Prima Kadarshi hasn’t been successful in finding the singer’s replacement despite numerous tries.

However, netizens are unhappy with Geosteady for always turning Prima a topic of discussion whenever he has an impending significant event.

prima kadarshi

Netizens raised the concern after Geosteady appeared in several interviews discussing his breakup with Prima rather than his forthcoming concert at Hotel Africana on Friday (Sept. 08. 2023).

Critics have further complained that Goesteady has made it a habit to stir up controversy by disparaging his baby mama in order to draw attention to his events.

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These have threatened to boycott the “Tokendeeza” singer’s events if he doesn’t stop disrespecting the mother of his kids.


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