Thick Martha Kay Laments About Her ‘Elephant Legs’ That Look Like Banana Stems, That Used To Make Her Fear Boys!

Radio host and content creator Martha Kay, born Martha Kemigisha Kagimba, has opened up about her insecurities with the size of her legs.

The photographer and actress noted that she over the years from her childhood struggled with the insecurity to the extent that she feared dressing in short dresses.

Martha Kay speaks out - New Vision Official

She claims that she used to dress up so poorly in an effort to cover up and hide some body parts of hers that her friends at the university used to abuse.

She recalls that at one moment one of her friends told her that she would be very lucky to get hooked up with a guy who would love her for beauty but for her kind heart.

Fortunately, she recovered from the trauma and she is now living the best of her life and for that matter, she now has fewer long dresses.

“These ginormous legs from my father’s sisters gave me such insecurity that I never wore anything short- ever! In fact, I used to dress so badly in a bid to hide some body parts that my friend at uni said, “the man you end up with with love you for your heart because your looks are terrible.” I froze. Anyway with a lot of self affirmation and awareness, I recovered and today, I think I have like 5 long dresses.” Martha Kay

Following her recovery, Martha Kay tips fellow ladies who feel insecure about their bodies to not mind the negativity that comes with it but rather to embrace it all and thank God for uniquely blessing them.

“Dear beautiful young girl, whatever body part it is you’re ashamed of, remember that it’s uniquely yours and it’s just perfect for you. God designed you that way, and it’s okay, embrace it! Enjoy it!” Martha Kay


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