Struggling Big Eye Finds Redemption With Bobi Wine And NUP Support, After Denouncing Museveni And NRM!!

Big Eye Starboss is over the moon with the love he is being shown lately by music fans wherever he goes following years of criticism over his political affiliations.

Prior to the 2021 general elections, Ibrahim Mayanja a.k.a Big Eye was very vocal about his support for the ruling party NRM and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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From traveling with NRM’s campaign team from town to town, Big Eye also used his social media to bash the opposition as he rallied support for the incumbent president.

His affiliation with the NRM later caused him trouble, especially in his music career.

Often whenever he performed following the elections, Big Eye was pelted with bottles among other objects, and forced to leave the stage.

His stardom also experienced the worst dip in form with people not giving him an ear and always hurling criticism his way even on social media.

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Recently, however, Big Eye has expressed his regret in his past actions and now backs Bobi Wine and the NUP, if we are to go by his social media activity.

In a video he shared on his socials, Big Eye now seems to have regained the favor of the masses and he is loving it too.

“See the power and love of the people, I have been missing this love I swear. Labayo amanyi gabantu, Walayi bulijjo nsubwa,” he wrote on Instagram.


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