Struggling Sherry Matovu Turns Into A Traditional Healer And Witch Doctor After Failing A Music And Bleaching Bizigo!!

Former singer, TV personality, and beautician Sherry Matovu has ventured into traditional healing.

Sherry Matovu has shifted her focus towards conventional healing after numerous failed attempts at careers in music and TV hosting.

Olutalo wakati wa Sherry Matovu ne Anatalia Ozze lusitudde - YouTube

The beautician gave an update about her new venture through her Facebook account, where she shared several videos engaging in traditional customs and practices.

She disclosed that she is from the Chwezi traditional lineage and that she is prepared to assist many people in tracing their ancestry as well as treat other ailments that are connected to traditional medicine.

Sherry Matovu

However, Sherry’s new career direction has drawn heavy criticism, particularly from her followers and fans who believe in God.

Sherry is not the first public figure to publicly embrace traditional beliefs, as Maama Fiina, Hassan Ndugga, Baby Deo and Dr. Fred Ssebbaale among others followed this path.




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