Happy Champion Ogudo Performs Live On Stage With His Mentor Alien Skin After Heroic Return From Kawempe Ghettos Back To Fangone Forest!

Champion Ogudo wasted no time taking to the stage to perform for his fans on Sunday night, just hours after returning from his parents’ home in Kawempe.

Ogudo thrilled fans as he performed alongside his caretaker Alien Skin at a concert held in Luwero town on Sunday night.

Champion Ogudo was on Stage in Luwero last night, just hours after a heroic return form Kawempe

Rocking a black jumpsuit, the youngster made a grand entry and had revelers jumping and singing along his song ‘Tuli babi.’ Others could be seen gifting him with cash and fist bumping him.

Hours earlier, Ogudo had just returned from his parent’s home Kawempe where he had been banished to by the Alien in the heat of the fight involving his father Godfrey Kibuuka, TV personality MC Kats, and the Ruparelia Group.

The skirmish started weeks ago when Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia offered a scholarship to Ogudo at his high-end Kampala International School.

Skin questioned the motive of the offer.

Kats, teaming with Ogudo’s father Kibuuka was engaged in a back-and-forth with Skin in an apparent effort to seize control of the pre-teen.

Skin in the end decided to send Ogudo along with his elder brother Robert Kyobe aka Amateur back to the run-down house of their mother Hadijah Nambasa in Kawempe.

The move angered many fans who saw this unfair to Ogudo as he had no part in the fight.

After a change of heart, Skin and the entire Fangone forest team, yesterday Sunday, went to Kawempe to pick up Ogudo.

The team drove Ogudo in a big procession amid ululations and fanfare back to Fangone.


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