Village-Excited Gravity Omutujju Now Wants Nakivubo Or Namboole For His Next Bijanjalo Concert Says Lugogo Cricket Oval Is Now Too Small For Him!

Trouble Tabu rapper Gravity Omutujju has declared that his “Kwepicha” concert is the last concert he is staging at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Gravity Omutujju, born Gerson Wabuyi, says that he is looking for a bigger venue where he will be staging his next concerts.

He stresses that if he fails to secure either Nakivubo or Namboole stadiums, he won’t be holding any other concert since there is no venue in and around Kampala bigger than those and the Oval.

This is the last time I am holding a show at Cricket Oval. If I fail to secure Nakivubo or Namboole, I won’t hold any other show.

When asked about holding one at Kololo Independence grounds, Gravity noted that people dread the venue for nothing stating that the biggest part of the venue is the parking space.

Gravity Omutujju Outgrows Lugogo Cricket Oval

He furthermore claimed that the artists who hold shows have a place where they place their tents and brag about getting overwhelming revelers’ turnout.

Gravity concluded by stressing that it is not wise to compare the Oval and Kololo Independence grounds maintaining that the Oval is the yardstick where an artist’s worth is measured.


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