Bukedde TV’s Free Condoms Got Used Up So Quickly, Flavia Namulindwa Spills Bitter Secrets!

Former Vision Group employee Flavia Namulindwa has disclosed that free condoms at Bukedde TV would always get done more than anything else.

She noted that it would become a matter of concern to the boss who would always complain about why condoms would get done so fast.

Former Bukedde Star Flavia Namulindwa joins NBS TV - HowweBiz.UG

She stressed that the condoms would always be put on display on Monday after the general meeting, and by Tuesday, all would be over and the administration would be required to place others as quickly as possible because the rate of their usage was high.

Flavia Namulindwa opened up about the high usage of condoms at Vision Group as she discussed Bruno K’s influencing job at a city sauna where he had landed himself a gig.

Recently, fans pitied Faridah Nakazibwe when Bruno K landed the masseur job as they expressed different thoughts about the singer.


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