Rev. Can. Aaron Mwesigwa Calls For The Demolition Of The Cursed Bar Toilet Where Dry Nampeera And Her Skinny Boyfriend Kwepicha From!

The whole of this week, the talk of the town has been about Twitter Influencer Christine Nampeera, a sister to the renowned city disk joker Roger Kitaka alias DJ Roja whose sex tape was leaked online.

Nampeera was recorded with her boyfriend having a pleasure moment in one of the restrooms of a popular hangout in at Kisementi.

Socialite Christine Nampeera And Her Side-Guy Washroom Video Everyone ...

Bar owners in town have since sent out warnings to all revellers to avoid having sex in the restrooms of their bars.

Since the story has been making headlines, Rev. Can. Aaron Mwesigwa was forced to have a comment about the incident as he addressed the public.

In Rev. Can. Aaron Mwesigwa’s submission, he called upon the management of the bar where the incident took place to demolish the toilet since it is now a cursed place.

He says that the restroom shouldn’t be used by other people because the curse could go on spreading to other individuals.


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