Provocative Gravity Omutujju Offers To Finance Spice Diana Vs. Vivian Tendo Battle, So That She Stops Comparing Herself To Sheebah!

Local rapper Gravity Omutujju says that when Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi’s music battle is over, he looks forward to organizing a battle between Spice Diana and Vivian Tendo.

Gravity Omutujju made the statements as he listed a set of female artists he thinks can go into a music battle after the Cindy Sanyu Vs. Sheebah battle.

Spice Diana Ayanukudde Gravity Omutujju, Siyiina Budde Bwo - YouTube

He was quick to pick out Spice Diana because she tried to involve herself in the Cindy Sanyu Vs. Sheebah battle.

In doing so, he suggested that Spice Diana could favorably compete with the likes of Vivian Tendo, Violah Nakitende, and King Sheebah.

Vivian Tendo endorses Spice Diana's Siri Regular

He also added that she can as well out battle some male artists including New York Da Styla noting that when a battle between the two is set, she could beat him hands down.

Gravity stressed that if there is no promoter to finance the battle, he can inject his own money and hold it at Cricket Oval.

The Trouble Tabu Ent. boss says he wants to teach Spice Diana a lesson that she does not have to involve herself in other people’s fights.


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