Drunk Tamale Mirundi Calls For The Arrest Of Whoever Recorded Nampeera’s Public Toilet Kwepicha Moment With Her Skinny Boyfriend Barasha!

Tamale Mirundi has defended Christine Nampeera saying she did not do anything wrong by having a private moment with her boyfriend in a bar toilet. He wants whoever recorded the video apprehended.

A woman believed to be Ugandan influencer Christine Nampeera was filmed having raunchy sex in a toilet at a local bar recently with a man believed to be her boyfriend.

The 3-minute video has since evoked mixed reactions from netizens some of whom have blamed the couple for exhibiting their raunchy behavior in a public toilet.

Others have criticized the person who recorded the video and those who have shared it across different social media platforms.

Renowned Ugandan journalist, author, and political analyst Tamale Mirundi Snr concurs with those criticizing the yet-to-be-identified person who recorded a video of the couple’s private moment.

While appearing on BABA TV early on Thursday morning, Tamale Mirundi noted that there is nothing wrong with Nampeera and her boyfriend having sex in a bar toilet.

He emphasized that the couple hid away from the public to satisfy their urges and he condemned whoever recorded and shared the video on social media.

He then urged the responsible authorities to apprehend whoever recorded the video and bring him to book for his actions.

“She hid in the toilet with her boyfriend. She wasn’t cheating. It was a private moment. They were comfortable there. Toilets are often used. Did you see anyone disturb them? Didn’t she accomplish her mission?

This was a toilet in the city, people even eat food from there sometimes. Did she record herself? She enjoyed herself so much. Those who recorded them having sex are the actual problem. Arrest those idiots!” Tamale Mirundi


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