KIIKA!! Horny And Confused Local Fan Tebandeke David Arrested For Stalking Diana Nabatanzi For 2 Months, With Plans Of Marrying Her!

A gentleman identified as Tebandeke David earlier today has been apprehended after allegedly stalking actress and BBS Terefayina host Diana Nabatanzi for a while.

According to sources, Diana Nabatanzi has been the target of Tebandeke’s many stalking attempts as she drove to work at the Bulange-based media outlet.

On that fateful day, Tebandeke was apprehended at Masengere by security and had his national ID and phone taken away before being interrogated about his motivations for pursuing Diana.

Tebandeke David revealed that he is a metal fabricator, who resides and works in Masanafu with no ill intentions towards Diana Nabatanzi.

He declared his unwavering love for the presenter, and by following her, he was attempting to observe her actions before approaching her.

Tebandeke added that he had stalked Diana Nabatanzi about three times throughout the two-month period. He stated that he is prepared to start a love relationship with the presenter and is unconcerned with the fact that she may or may not be married.

When Tabanteke’s phone was examined, it was stuffed with images of Nabatanzi, cementing his obsession with the “Kiri Kitya” show host.


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