Disgusted Shamim Mayanja Totally Trashes How The Late Kato Lubwama’s Ceasefire Play Was Poorly Executed.

Renowned actress Shamim Mayanaja has vented her disappointment with how the later Kato Lubwama’s Ceasefire play was performed.

The late Kato Lubwama was putting the finishing touches on one of his theatre ventures called Ceasefire Drama before he passed away in June of this year.

A group of theatre aficionados set out to finish the play before it was performed over the weekend at Kampala’s Serena Hotel, carrying on his legacy and realising his aspirations.

However, several theatrical stakeholders were unimpressed with the play’s performance including actress Shamim Mayanja.

According to Shamim, before the late Kato Lubwama’s death, he had lined up young talented acts to take part in the Ceasefire play.

Shamim Mayanja

She was shocked to see that the entire cast was made up primarily of theatre icons and that the play’s script had been altered, depriving young, talented acts of their chance to perform.

Shamim also advised the organisers against ever again scheduling musicians during plays in theatres, noting that attendees attend primarily to watch musicians rather than the play.

She said that rather than taking an hour as it did the following time they performed the play, audience members ought to have understood its main points in four minutes.


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