Maureen Nantume Confesses That He Stopped Her Daughter From Doing Music Due To Fear That Men Will Chew Her Left, Right And Center!

Singer Maureen Nantume is grateful to God that when she stopped her eldest daughter from taking part in the Ugandan showbiz industry, she listened.

She adds that she constantly prays to God that none of her children ever gets to join the Ugandan showbiz reasoning that the experience she has had is enough and she wouldn’t want to see any of them go through it.

Nantume stresses that she stopped her daughter because she envisioned that she wouldn’t manage the industry as it only needs tough and very focused individuals to join.

“God help me so that my children don’t join the music industry. God is good that when I stopped my daughter, she listened because I told her, she wouldn’t manage this music business.” Maureen Nantume.

She made the statements as she revealed how she has turned to God and that she is ditching secular music – a decision she has been thinking about for a while now.

Maureen Nantume reasons that after all these years she has finally realized she has not been on the right path and she is now seriously considering taking that journey of praising the Lord.


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